Wayne is holder of three of the top real estate designations in Canada. He is "Certified in the Marketing of Real Estate" (CMR), a "Certified Real Estate Specialist" (CRES), and holder of Canada's pre-eminent real estate designation, a "Fellow of the Real Estate Institute" (FRI).

All of the these designations have been earned through the Real Estate Institute of Canada and awarded to Wayne by REIC .

Certified in the Marketing of Real Estate - (CMR)

Through a combination of education, experience and adherence to a strong code of ethics, an individual who holds a CMR is a real estate professional who excels in the marketing of real estate properties.

For those who hold this prestigious status, they have a sophisticated understanding of real estate market analysis,  a firm grasp of marketing strategy and product policy, know the essential elements of promotion, publicity, advertising and sales; while being familiar with the fundamentals of consumer behaviour and  motivation. All essential in trying to help clients sell their homes!

Certified Real Estate Specialist - (CRES)

The CRES member is an individual who has balanced knowledge in all areas of real estate. It is earned by only the top performers, who have demonstrated exceptional skills, training, experience and commitment that have gone above and beyond any provincial licensing requirements.

In an industry with over 65,000 practitioners and a high turnover rate, a CRES member is a proven specialist with a passion for the industry and a desire to obtain the very best deal for each and every one of their clients.

Fellow of the Real Estate Institute (FRI)

A lot is at stake when you choose your real estate professional. How can you be sure that you are getting the very best there is?

If you have retained the services of a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute you can be confident that you have selected a reputable professional who has achieved the highest standards of experience, education and ethics in the Canadian real estate industry today.

The FRI designation is Canada's pre-eminent real estate designation.

The FRI is a mark of excellence earned by the very few; the top real estate professionals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the highest standards of education, experience and ethical conduct in the real estate industry.

Awarded by the Real Estate Institute of Canada, an FRI designation assures you that you are dealing with the highest standards of education, experience and ethical conduct in the real estate industry; a real estate professional who is committed to providing you with the very best service.

Whether you are dealing with sales agents, brokers, sales managers, general managers or real estate executives, rigorous specialized training gives FRI professionals the edge in serving your real estate needs with competence, commitment and integrity.

When you choose a real estate professional with an FRI, you are choosing an industry leader who:

  • has at least five years of dedicated real estate experience
  • knows real estate inside and out
  • abides by a stringent code of professional conduct
  • is committed to continuing professional education


Your FRI is dedicated: Becoming an FRI is not easy. It is a demanding process during which real estate professionals pass through a candidacy period of between one and five years.

Your FRI is experienced: FRI candidates must be licensed and active in the practice of real estate and must have five years of dedicated real estate experience.

Your FRI is knowledgeable: FRI candidates must complete a number of real estate courses available through the Real Estate Institute of Canada or Canadian universities. These courses include: Ethics and Business Practice, Real Estate Investment Analysis, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Valuation, Consumer Behaviour and Negotiating.

Your FRI is a reputable, active member of the real estate community: FRI candidates must affiliate with and gain the endorsement of their local chapter of the Real Estate Institute of Canada and must abide by REIC's Code of Professional Standards.

Your FRI is committed: To maintain an FRI, real estate professionals must remain in good standing with their local REIC chapter and REIC national, and the REIC's Code of Professional Standards. They must also maintain FRI continuing education requirements.


The FRI designation is awarded by the Real Estate Institute of Canada. REIC is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to establishing, maintaining, promoting and advancing professional standards of practice among those occupations concerned with real estate in Canada since 1955.

Remember: Experience, Education, Ethics, Continuing Education.