Simple Decor Changes Can Make a Noticeable Difference

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to take a fresh and methodical view of your kitchen, bathroom, dining room or family room. You may discover areas that could use an upgrade, and you may even find inspiration for a refreshing makeover.
Start by examining the larger or more visible items, like window coverings and furnishings. Keeping a consistent colour theme in mind, consider which items might or must be replaced, recovered or repainted. Sometimes updating just one focal piece can update an entire space. Next, assess the lighting available, and give consideration to new fixtures where appropriate. Then, review the shape, style and state of your hardware, such as cupboard knobs and handles, drawer pulls, switch plates, curtain rods, etc. Determine whether they will complement your vision, or need to be upgraded with a more unified motif. Often changing those small items can actually make a big difference.