Security Systems Require Diligent Installation & Operation

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their hacking initiatives. Their techniques now go beyond well-known scams such as email “phishing”. Therefore, as the latest technologies enable many of us to embrace user-friendly conveniences, we must be sure to question the complexity and safety on each one. Consider some install-it-yourself remote-controlled baby monitors and security cameras that communicate to your tablet or smartphone. If basic password-protection codes are overlooked and left unchanged from their factory settings (which can be as simple as 0000 or 1234), the system could be easily accessible to intrusive manipulation of the “on-off” switches, audio controls, and even scanning and zooming commands.

Ultimately, the ease of operation that enables do-it-yourself installation of remote-controlled units can also make it easy for hackers to tap into them. Be sure to take proper precautions upon installation.

If you don’t understand the full range of essential encryption steps necessary for the safe operation of any unit or system that wirelessly transfers private information, consult a professional.