Leveraging the Lessons Learned in 2015

There are always lessons to be learned from the previous year that can be leveraged to make the upcoming year even better.

Experts in the life-coaching field often recommend the following exercise:

Make a list of all the things that worked well for you in 2015. Consider each category in your life: family, work, finances, leisure, friendships, etc.

For example, say you went on a first-time road-trip vacation last summer when you normally would have flown. It worked well for you. You loved the relaxed pace and flexibility and your family had a great time too. Obviously that change was a success. You’ll certainly consider doing that again in 2016.

Now make a list of the things that didn’t work so well in 2015. For example, say your household was so busy that you and your family rarely had time to sit down for dinner. As a result, no one ate particularly well. That’s fixable. In the new year, you can plan to experiment with new approaches to planning and preparing the evening meal.

The point is to take as many lessons as you can into the next year. If you do, each year will become better and better.

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