LED Lighting Is Changing Our Household Environments

There are a wide range of new lighting options that utilize light-emitting diodes (LED) to provide bright, clear lighting with far less stress on our environment than conventional incandescent and fluorescent lights. Not only do they use less energy, LED lights are also vastly superior in efficiency. They dedicate as much as 80% of their assigned energy towards their specified purpose, versus older standard lights that may use as little as 20% of their spent energy on intended illumination.

Furthermore, manufacturers claim that LED lights last up to 1,000 times longer than incandescent bulbs, so far fewer bulbs are likely to get tossed in the trash! Those that do, will be more eco-friendly and easier to recycle since they don’t require toxic chemicals such as mercury, to function. In addition, LEDs will not “burn out”. Instead, their light diminishes very slowly over a period of years, so you won’t be suddenly left with an unlit area.