How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

There is likely at least one room, nook or other area in your home that is small and difficult to decorate. Ideally, you want a small space to feel comfortable and roomy. Here are some tips that will help:

  1. Clean out the clutter. A desk overflowing with papers, too many knickknacks, or an extra piece of furniture can be all it takes to make a small space feel claustrophobic! Remove everything that doesn’t absolutely have to be there.
  2. Choose colours that blend. In small spaces, a monochromatic colour scheme works best. Select colours that blend, rather than contrast. For example, blues and greens blend nicely. Black and orange do not.
  3. Let in the light. If the space has a window, don’t block the light with an elaborate window dressing. Use simple curtains or blinds and keep them open.
  4. Remove obstructions. Anything that blocks the doorway or other entrance to a small area will make the space seem even smaller and more uninviting.
  5. Give it a purpose. What do you want the space to be? A home office nook? A comfy reading area? An exercise room? Give the space a purpose and then decorate and furnish accordingly.

It doesn’t take much to make a small space seem larger, more comfortable and more significant.