Ceramic Tiles and Other Backsplash Options

If you’re thinking of a change in the appearance of your kitchen, you should consider the dramatic results that can be achieved by simply replacing your backsplash. A white, black or other solid colour of ceramic tile can create dynamic contrast to your countertop or cabinetry, while elaborate patterns or a more eclectic design can offer a more customized atmosphere.

But why let your imagination stop there? Consider alternative materials for your backsplash, such as glass, marble, stone, stainless steel or wood.  An inspiring choice might be the added touch you need to perk up your culinary creativity. Before you choose your design, consider the materials in terms of cost, durability, maintenance, repairs and replacement. If some preferred tiles (such as glass) challenge your budget, you can intersperse individual accent pieces among more affordable tiles (such as ceramic), thereby creating accents that give a unique feel to an otherwise common backsplash.