Benefits of Natural Wood Flooring and Paneling

If you are undertaking an interior renovation that requires a new floor or installation of wall paneling, don’t discount the value of natural wood. Some of wood’s most desirable and unique features and benefits deserve your consideration.

For example, modern wood flooring and paneling are available in a wide range of species, in both raw or prefinished planks, often with easy-to-install interlocking edges such as a tongue-and-groove joint.

For those wishing to make an environmentally friendly consideration, it’s important to recognize that all-natural wood is a renewable resource, unlike synthetic materials or compounds. Also, generally speaking, wood surfaces do not trigger allergies among most people (although possible exceptions might include woodworking sawdust or unfinished surfaces such as bark). Wood flooring and paneling also have tremendous benefits compared to their synthetic counterparts such as naturally warm colours and textures and the ability to repair and/or refinish after excessive wear.