A Quick Household Check

Helps Conserve Resources

Now is a good time to make a visual check of all your utilities, fixtures and appliances to make sure they are not using expensive energy and resources inefficiently. Ensure that faucets don’t drip when closed. If they do, replace the washers (or valve cartridges, in the case of washerless units). Next, check that your toilets don’t leak. To check for leaks, pour coloured liquid bowl cleaner into the tank, then wait several hours to see if it appears in the bowl without flushing. If you discover a leak, you may need to replace the stopper in the bottom of the tank. Also, make sure your hot water tank/and or pipes are not sweating. While you’re at it, consider turning down the tank thermostat by a couple of degrees – chances are you won’t notice a difference, except maybe on your energy bill. Finally, check that windows and other exposed surfaces are not drafty. If so, consider caulking, repairing or replacing them.