Home Based Business Opportunity


HOME BASED Business in the Annapolis Valley - $64,000. / MLS-201822020
Every once in awhile a great business opportunity comes along; this could be one of those times for you. The CoffeeNews® Annapolis Valley franchise is for sale with two distribution districts available. Sale price includes all current advertiser details , billing info, any and all stands placed within current distribution points for the CoffeeNews®, current distribution locations, any promo materials (stickers , balloons, etc.), 6 month supply of paper, library of existing ads for all clients and inventory of last couple years of all issues for historical purposes, plus use of CoffeeNews® Canada website and separate franchise support site for franchisees. The world’s largest weekly Restaurant publication; financial reports available. A turnkey opportunity awaits you. Email, call, or text Wayne at 902-679-679-7701 for more details.